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Polish party Confederation candidate on disabled people: "They are thieves and live off our money"

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

What are we talking about...

After the PiS government and what is happening in Poland at the moment, I thought that nothing would surprise me anymore. It's obvious that things could be worse, but what happened a few days ago knocked me off my feet. At first I couldn't believe it for a long time and then I couldn't shake it off for three days.

I know that my foreign friends also follow my social media, so this is the perfect moment to let them know why I left my country and it is because of people like this that I am ashamed to be Polish.

(...)and it is because of people like this that I am ashamed to be Polish.

In Poland, where people's free will is taken away, where you don't give a damn about the lives of elderly and disabled people, where you want to completely remove the LGBTQ community, or where you allow women to die in order to save unwanted or severely disabled children, we have gone a level higher (or lower, if you prefer).

As of now, candidates for a certain party, allow themselves to publicly insult and humiliate people with disabilities calling it a conversation on the level, in no way discriminating against the interlocutor because when it comes to polemics they have exactly the same, equal opportunity. So why is the main argument of the following conversation this health, or rather mocking that it is not there?

I have a disability myself, and not to be outdone, and I'm not in favour of giving us any kind of a forum because of it. I want to be spoken to like any healthy person. Just on a level playing field.

You'd think it's normal and not difficult, because a healthy person and a disabled person are on the same level in conversation, because it's not racing or dancing, so what could go wrong?

Well, that Mr Ross simply lacked either the arguments or the words to express his emotions? I don't know, I really don't get it, it always seemed to me that people who go into politics have finished primary school so they should have a minimum of words, right?

@djcarpigiani Wojtek Sawicki: "Konfederacja = darwinizm społeczny, negowanie Holokaustu, fundamentalizm religijny, homofobia, szczucie na Ukraińców, seksizm, bicie dzieci, zakaz aborcji, prywatyzacja służby zdrowia. Nie no, super… "  Kandydujący na posła długo nie myśląc odbił piłeczkę wypowiedzią rodem z gimnazjum… podstawówki?   @SebRoss4 (Sebastian Ross): "Wojtek Sawicki = zoofilia, złodziejstwo, brudne zęby, słabe dowcipy, pizza z ananasem, negowanie grawitacji, szczepienia, wybory kopertowe, kamieni kupę, bicie rodziców."
@djcarpigiani Wojtek Sawicki:
"Confederation = Social Darwinism, Holocaust denial, religious fundamentalism, homophobia, anti-Ukrainians, sexism, beating children, banning abortion, privatising health care. It's great..."

The parliamentary candidate, without much thought, bounced the ball back with a statement straight out of middle school .... primary school?

@SebRoss4 (Sebastian Ross):
"Wojtek Sawicki = zoophilia, thievery, dirty teeth, poor jokes, pineapple pizza, gravity denial, vaccinations, envelope choices, load of shit, hitting parents."


You will also learn that Mr Ross even gave Wojtek a nickname - 'Tube Man'. He was probably inspired by the tracheotomy tube that Wojtek has to live with in order to survive. It is a fitting nickname, funny and easy on the ears, bravo to Mr Sebastian.

I am already waiting for a nickname for myself. To make it easier for you, here are some pictures of what it looks like for me. I can't sit down, so I just hang on to the lift or use the standing wheelchair to stand up. So what? A hanger? A stiff? I am listening to your ideas!

Sebastian Ross

Who is this person anyway? To be honest, I've never heard of him before, maybe because I'm not that interested in politics, but from this point on, I promise I'll start!

From what the all-knowing Google has told me, Sebastian Ross is a Pole living abroad. He is about 50 years old and is an electrician with his own company. Ross lives in the not-so-large town of Wrexham in Wales. According to Google, his business is temporarily closed. So what does he do for a living? It seems that his main occupation is to be a star on the internet, posting his supposedly funny and supposedly clever comments every 2-4 hours. One thing is for sure, analysing his Twitter profile, this gentleman has not been spreading hate speech since today and Wojtek is not his first victim.

For the curious and those with a taste for black humour, you can see below what values he follows and what he strives for:

@SebbRoss4 Jestem globalistą. Wierę w Jeden Rząd Chrystusa. Wiceprezes Nowa Nadzieja Londyn. Konfederacja

I am a globalist. I believe in the One Order of Christ. Vice-President of New Hope London. Confederation.

Mr Ross believes in a God, but when I look at how he relates to others, to the vulnerable or to other smaller communities, I dare to wonder if this is really the same God that appears in Christianity?

@SebRoss4 1.Bóg istnieje 2.Są dwie płcie 3.Najlepsza energia jest z węgla 4.Lewica to faszyzm 5.Pillnujmy naszych granic 6.Dzieci należą do rodziców  7.Do zobaczenie Polsko!


1.God exists

2.There are only two sexes

3.The best energy is from coal

4.The Left is fascism

5.Let's guard our borders

6.Children belong to their parents

7.See you in Poland!

We can also see that in point 2 he makes no secret of his lack of education by making a statement about gender issues. I am only a psychology student, but I have already learned something. I also have access to a lot of research and I will take the liberty of using it.

According to the ICD-10 classification, transsexuality is part of what is known as gender dysphoria - a distressing incompatibility between the sex assigned at birth and the person's perceived gender identity. In the latest ICD-11 classification, which is about to be published, the term transsexualism has also been replaced by 'gender non-conformity'.

What are the causes? Like the causes of autism and other conditions, they are not fully understood (will there be also epithets for such people?). However, it is now thought that environmental factors in foetal life - endocrine disruption in the mother and disruption of sex hormone synthesis and sensitivity in the foetus - play a key role. It is also known that the brain structure of transsexuals differs from the typical brain structure of people of their biological sex; it is similar to the typical brain structure of people of the sex with which they identify. For example, the hypothalamus of biological transsexual males is smaller than that of other males and similar in size to the hypothalamus of females. In Australia, however, researchers say that the androgen receptor (AR) gene - a protein responsible for detecting male sex hormones (mainly testosterone) and transmitting information about this event to other cellular elements - is most likely responsible for the development of the disorder.

You can read more about this problem in animals here:

Hird, M. J. (2006). Animal Transex. Australian Feminist Studies, 21(49), 35–50.

‌Are you talking about guarding the ours borders? Please start with yourself first. By this I mean all the boundaries you cross with other people.

Right, children should only belong to their parents, but only to those who deserve and want them. Parent to parent is not equal. I think it would be worth adding that. Most importantly, you have to deserve to be called a parent, because it is not the one who begets, but the one who raises!

Wojtek Sawicki

Wojtek Sawicki (34) is a Polish influencer with a disability. He suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy - a rare genetic disease that causes progressive and irreversible muscle weakness. He is an activist for people with disabilities. By running his social media with his wife, he shows that even someone as disabled as he is can lead a normal life and, above all, enjoy life. As he says, he and other disabled people want to live, not just survive. It's that simple, isn't it? It's a shame that most people don't understand that. It's a shame that they can't understand and accept what should be normal, like that everyone needs oxygen to live.

"I and other people with disabilities want to live, not just survive"

Ah this politics...

Before I write about where it all started, I'd like to outline what the principles of the Freedom and Independence Union Party (Konfederacja Wolność i Niepodległość) are. You've probably heard of Palikot’s Movement (PiS - Prawo i Sprawiedliwość)? Well, the whole world is laughing at us. Here it gets even worse.

In a few words, it sounds more or less like the party wants to introduce a hard patriarchy, i.e. the man is in the boss and the woman sits at home and has no right to speak out. It treats people of a different sexual orientation as non-human and would like to get rid of them, to put it politely. As far as abortion is concerned, it is the same as with PiS. A woman has no right to choose because God created her to give birth. Rape is no argument either! They also want to punish abortion severely. "Whoever causes the death of a conceived child shall be punished with one to ten years' imprisonment". - reads the proposed law under No. 45. The same penalty would also be imposed on doctors. Once again, innocent women will die and children already born will be orphaned. These are just a few of the party's promises, I will leave the rest out, those interested can find all the information on the internet.

"Whoever causes the death of a conceived child shall be punished with one to ten years' imprisonment". - reads the proposed law under No. 45.

The party also promises that, once in government, "children will belong to their parents". This, of course, again hits the LGBTQ+ community, so that sometimes none of them think they could adopt someone else's child. For the Party, this is sick. They assume that the child has to be with the parents, that the child cannot be taken away, and they even encourage beating". Nationalist MP Mr Janusz Korwin-Mikke was unperturbed by the criticism after admitting to spanking his youngest children. - The daughter is spanked less often, practically never, the son is spanked more often," he said. He was evasive when journalists suggested that such methods of discipline were being abandoned: "Then you get these people who hang around the streets and don't know what to do with themselves! - Source

"The daughter is beaten less often, practically never, the son is beaten more often (...) That's when people come out who hang around the streets and don't know what to do with themselves! - Janusz Korwin-Mikke, founder of the association.

Mr. Ross also tries to maintain the dark atmosphere of Confederation in every situation he can.

@SebRoss  Rodzice mają prawo wychować dzieci tak, jak uważają. Mam znajomych z czwórką dzieci, w różnym wieku. Często dochodzi między nimi do wojen, dosłownie o wszystko, Wtedy idzie pas ostro w ruch, ojciec staje w obronie słabszych. I bardzo dobrze, dzieci należą do rodziców, choćby Artur Dziambor zaczął płakać w TVNie i wzywał policję.
Parents have the right to raise their children as they want. I have friends with four children, of different ages. Often there are wars between them, literally over everything, Then the belt goes sharply in motion, the father stands up for the weaker ones. And very well, the children belong to the parents, even if Mr Dziambor started crying on the TVN (The Left polish tv station) and called the police.

One would also assume that the disabled were also attacked. Recall MP Korwin Mikke's 2019 statement, which is still available on the official Facebook page of the "Monitoring Centre for Racist and Xenophobic Behaviour" (Ośrodek Monitorowania Zachowań Rasistowskich i Ksenofobicznych):


One of the leaders of the CONFEDERATION group has called for disabled people to be excluded from society. According to him, it is unseemly to show "cripples", as he calls people with disabilities. That is why the leader of the CONFEDERATION wants a ban on inviting and showing 'invalids' on television.

Mr. Janusz Korwin-Mikke calls people with disabilities names, compares them to perverts and murderers - and says that after the election he will ban the Paralympics from showing sports performed by people with disabilities.

In our opinion, the views of the leader of the CONFEDERATION group are in line with those of the Nazis.


As we consider the statements of Mr Janusz Korwin-Mikke, the current leader of the CONFEDERATION Party, to be the propagation of a forbidden totalitarian state system, we have decided to file a criminal complaint in this case. "

According to the Confederation leader, showing 'cripples', as he calls disabled people, is unsightly. So he wants a ban on inviting and showing 'cripples' on television, and after the elections he will introduce a ban on showing disabled people doing sport in the form of the Paralympics.

No wonder Sebastian Ross has continued his hate speech against such people until now. This time he hit back at Wojtek personally, just because Wojtek started to defend himself when he was called a thief. Why did he do that? Because he is on Disability benefit (a sort of PIP benefit here) and has spoken out about their programme or public statements about him.

Note a small correction that makes the story even more relevant:


Let us recall:

@djcarpigiani Wojtek Sawicki:
"Confederation = Social Darwinism, Holocaust denial, religious fundamentalism, homophobia, anti-Ukrainians, sexism, beating children, banning abortion, privatising health care. It's great..."

The parliamentary candidate, without much thought, bounced the ball back with a statement straight out of middle school .... primary school?

@SebRoss4 (Sebastian Ross):
"Wojtek Sawicki = zoophilia, thievery, dirty teeth, poor jokes, pineapple pizza, gravity denial, vaccinations, envelope choices, load of shit, hitting parents."

Who was the first to throw the stone?

What made the Polish party candidate take such a direct and aggressive attitude so quickly? Some even thought that someone had hacked into his account and written all of this for him. I still can't believe it either. As far as I could find out, it was Sebastian Ross who called all disabled people thieves because they get pensions from our taxes. (Unfortunately, I have not been able to contact Wojtek to confirm this, and it is known that most of the 'evidence' has already disappeared). The influencer was I guess very hurt by this news, because he works himself. So he decided to record a response, which was followed by an interview with Slawomir Metzenen about the ridiculous health voucher for people who are sick and disabled of PLN 4,000 ANNUALLY (that's about £747.21 here)! This probably hurt Wojtek even more, but also made him extremely annoyed. I think he is not the only one, but as he is a public speaker, he just wanted to say something about it.

In an interview, Slawomir Mentzen (leader of the New Hope Party (Nowa Nadzieja), which is a member of the Confederation of Parties) said: "We will introduce competitive mechanisms so that we get better treatment for the same money! Germany has such a system and it works perfectly. "Where is the catch? In 2021, Germany spent €474 billion on health care, Poland €141 billion.

When asked what benefits could be obtained for such an amount. Konrad Berkowicz (Polish politician, first vice-president of the New Hope Party, member of the 9th Parliament) replied that "the state does not build a house for someone whose house has burnt down" and that "there is such a thing as insurance".

Asked whether the insurance proposed by the Confederation should be made compulsory, he replied: "We are the masters of our own destiny".

Everyone is the master of his or her own destiny, referring to the disabled, the elderly and the ill people - you have to admit it sounds strange, doesn't it?

Wojtek responded quite quickly on his Tik Tok:

In the video ( with English subtitles) he says Slawomir Mentzen, a.k.a. the star of Tik Tok, bullshits something to the effect that each of us is the master of our own destiny. From the perspective of a severely disabled person, I can only laugh in his face. Of course, given my condition, I think I have achieved a lot. I have often shown my own initiative, but without the help of others, without the health care system, without luck, favourable circumstances and the fact that I was born in Poland, a fairly stable country, and not in Central Africa, has had a great influence on who I am and where I am. Without my mother's help, if my father hadn't saved my life, if I hadn't met Agata, my life could have been very different, certainly worse. We live in a society and no one is fully capable of making their own destiny. Without living in society we would have achieved nothing. I don't have regards for Slawek".

Wojtek Sawicki said in an interview that the cost of his treatment is far greater than the government's proposed health voucher.

- "I have a respirator, medical care, a permanent feeding programme. I have a gastrostomy, a tube that goes into my stomach (PEG). The replacement procedure alone costs 12,000 PLN (£2,250) every six months. The medical care alone costs at least PLN 20,000 (GBP 3,800) every month".

"These are horrendous costs that I cannot bear alone, I would not be able to live if I used the government voucher." Wojtek Sawicki also made a post on Instagram explaining his criticism of the Confederation's health voucher.

"I have no strength for these people. Now the government is proposing a health voucher for the ridiculous sum of PLN 4,340 (£815). If someone needs permanent treatment (like me), has to have a heart operation or gets cancer, they should just die or go into debt for several generations. For me, such a reform is a death sentence" wrote Wojtek Sawicki.

"Besides, how am I responsible for the spontaneous gene mutation that caused my disease? Why should I and my family be made to pay for a complete coincidence? - he added.

"The Confederation's ideas about Poland are a vision from hell. It is an unfair, selfish and brutal world" he concluded, source:

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski did not like the idea either, saying: "This is no longer a beer party with Slawomir Mentzen, but a serious risk for Polish patients".

@a_niedzielski:  Już wiemy, że @KONFEDERACJA_ wyklucza leczenie chorób onkologicznych - średni koszt na jednego z 2,21 mln pacjentów to 7,1 tys zł rocznie. A dzieci z chorobami rzadkimi - mają same płacić? To już nie zabawa na piwie ze @SlawomirMentzen ale poważne zagrożenie dla polskich pacjentów.
@a_niedzielski: We already know that @CONFEDERATION_ excludes treatment of oncological diseases - the average cost per patient out of 2.21 million people is 7.1 thousand PLN per year. And children with rare diseases - should they pay for themselves? This is no longer a game over a beer with @SlawomirMentzen, but a serious threat to Polish patients," said Niedzielski.

Or is this what the Confederation is all about? To get rid of "useless people" while pretending to not be responsible. It is well known that transporting them in trains to Auschwitz would be slightly inhumane and, above all, would not fit in with today's times.

Wojtek simply referred to all this or even repeated some statements, for example the one you can read above about Nazis on the Facebook page of the "Monitoring Centre for Racist and Xenophobic Behaviour" (Ośrodek Monitorowania Zachowań Rasistowskich i Ksenofobicznych):

Actually it was not Sebastian Ross who said it, it was the leader of his party, so I guess he knows what he is promoting? Why did he take offence? Why didn't he attack this organisation for example? Yes, I know it's easier to hit the weaker side and to see that someone has it worse. Well, unless he came to the conclusion that such publicity is better than none at all? Nah... After all, Mr Ross is a smart guy and "knows" about social media ;) Anyway, I won't forget him, will I?

Let us recall once again:

@djcarpigiani Wojtek Sawicki: "Konfederacja = darwinizm społeczny, negowanie Holokaustu, fundamentalizm religijny, homofobia, szczucie na Ukraińców, seksizm, bicie dzieci, zakaz aborcji, prywatyzacja służby zdrowia. Nie no, super… "
@djcarpigiani Wojtek Sawicki:
"Confederation = Social Darwinism, Holocaust denial, religious fundamentalism, homophobia, anti-Ukrainians, sexism, beating children, banning abortion, privatising health care. It's great..."

The party's voters did not like this statement, some even took it as an opinion about themselves. Wojtek was obviously referring to the views of the Confederation itself, where he explained what he meant with further tweets:

@djcarpigiani Sep 9 jeszcze raz, w powyższym poście opisuję tylko poglądy członków partii na podstawie ich własnych wypowiedzi, nic nie mówię o wyborcach Konfederacji, ewentualnie, że trudno mi ich zrozumieć @djcarpigiani Sep 8 w którym miejscu obrażam tutaj wyborców Konfederacji? Słowami, że trudno mi ich zrozumieć?

@djcarpigiani Sep 9

Again, in the above post I only describe the views of party members based on their own statements, I say nothing about confederation voters, possibly because I find them difficult to understand.

@djcarpigiani Sep 8

Where am I insulting Confederation voters? With words I find difficult to understand?

Wojtek, they feel insulted because they didn't expect it to look like this from this "other side". Nobody wants to be called a Nazi, but that is their choice. If you vote for a party, you have to support their manifesto, and you surely read it, right? Well, unless what they write on the internet about Confederate voters is true....

Not only that! Even Sebastian Ross took it so hard that he apparently forgot to read what he wrote before pressing enter. Why did he write down Wojtek in such a personal and cruel way? Or was he just under the influence of some kind of stimulant? You know, he sits at home, he doesn't have too many responsibilities, so he can do whatever he wants - he's an adult after all. You can't tell me that a mature man, a candidate for the post of a representative of the Republic of Poland, who considers himself intelligent and on a high level, couldn't come up with something better than a text on a primary school level? Seriously, one without personal remarks like "you're lame or you're a redhead" or "you fat pig". People, I just can't believe it.

@SebRoss4 (Sebastian Ross): "Wojtek Sawicki = zoofilia, złodziejstwo, brudne zęby, słabe dowcipy, pizza z ananasem, negowanie grawitacji, szczepienia, wybory kopertowe, kamieni kupę, bicie rodziców."
@SebRoss4 (Sebastian Ross):
"Wojtek Sawicki = zoophilia, thievery, dirty teeth, poor jokes, pineapple pizza, gravity denial, vaccinations, envelope choices, load of shit, hitting parents."

It was not an impulse mistake

Sebastian Ross do Wojtka: kto żuje Ci pizze?
who chews it first for you?

Ok, let's agree that it can happen to any of us that we say something stupid on impulse, maybe not as disgusting as our Sebastian, but you know. So what do we usually do, or should we all do? Apologise and let it go. After that, your nerves calm down and you realise that you're a boor and a lout, and we all know that nobody wants to be seen as that, so you want to take it back. He says that he has realised that certain things should not have been said and, above all, that he is sorry and that he apologises. But I don't think he's been to any parenting classes. Incidentally, he is a shining example of a father that children should follow: Ken, remember, if someone expresses an opinion that doesn't agree with what you're doing, punch them in the face, and if you know they're not going to give it back to you because they're a cripple, for example, then act like a man on the level and have a cultural conversation with them, or, you know, show them that they're a miserable zero. - Sorry, I know it's rude but I couldn't stop myself, I think I got it from Ross....

Wojtek's response to the silly and insulting comparisons was that only the fact that he likes pizza with pineapple agreed. Why silly? Because how can a stranger know if Wojtek has dirty teeth or beats his parents? Come on, guys! (And by the way, Sebastian doesn't have perfect teeth either - cynicism level hard). Continuing his middle school skirmishes, Ross asked, "Who's going to chew the pinnaple pizza for you first? I don't know if you can go any lower. Turns out, of course...

The MP candidate asks who is going to chew the pinnaple pizza first for Wojtek.

Wojtek's response to the silly and insulting comparisons was that only the fact that he likes pizza with pineapple agreed. Why silly? Because how can a stranger know if Wojtek has dirty teeth or beats his parents? Come on, guys! (And by the way, Sebastian doesn't have perfect teeth either - cynicism level hard). Continuing his middle school skirmishes, Ross asked, "Who's going to chew the pinnaple pizza for you first? I don't know if you can go any lower. Turns out, of course...

The MP candidate asks who is going to chew the pinnaple pizza first for Wojtek.

If he had stopped at that point, it might have been forgotten after a while, but unfortunately he didn't, either because he liked the "fame" so much, or because he is such an unhappy person that he has to show until the end that someone has it worse, just to make it look like he has everything and is perfect. Above all, he wanted to make stupid, grey, insignificant people believe that he had done nothing inappropriate, that he had even treated Wojtek as an equal, that he had not discriminated against him because of his disability.

After that, Mr Ross probably didn't want to write any more because, you know, tweets are easy to capture with a screenshot, whereas video is not everyone's cup of tea.

All of the videos have English subtitles.

And tell me how not to like Elon Musk. A man gets up in the morning, looks to see if there's anything going on on this Twitter (or there on X) and I look over there at this guy with this tube here and he's writing something about me and my family and the Confederacy election and the members of the Confederacy: fascists, some kind of murderers and child killers, dog-fooders, etc. - all triggers.I threw mine at him in response and scandal. Well, of course they threatened his the.... his little soldiers with mass reporting, well it had to come off because I was already getting emails, so I was like 'beep, beep, beep' I was getting emails, checked, checked, not violated but downloaded and I'm saying I love the normal morning on X.
A man wake up, an unknown type, I didn't look to see what his name was, you know the one, wrapped in some kind of pipe, around his neck - "Tube Man". The man is unhappy with the triggers, I sympathise with him on the one hand, but if he didn't take up something useful, for example, I can see ..... I can see that he knows how to write, he could learn 2 or 5 languages very quickly and for example he could earn good money every day by translating texts, but he makes his living by thieving, we have to pay taxes for him, he lives off our money, so he can write such insults to everyone around him, yes, and take revenge on ours for his disability, verbally of course, because otherwise it is clear that he does not know how, because he cannot move from his wheelchair. Also greetings to the tube man and we're up and running, it's only noon, in our case an hour earlier 1 p.m. and in yours it's already 2 p.m. I have to do some work on the computer and then we'll kick up some shit storm again.

Sebastian Ross about Wojtek - He's the Tube-Man

All of the videos have English subtitles.

Yes, we open the Hawaiian, beautifully, and to the Hawaiian, what? We take a piece (it's recording, right? Are we sure it's square? Yes. Right...) OK, we take the biggest shrimp (ouch! it escapes) so that the shrimp doesn't escape me, the other shrimp, well, that's great. Now I'm going to tell you (Got it, shrimp eaten!). I'm going to tell you the whole story, look at that (I should have it higher, it's stretching, oh that's right). I'll tell you the whole story. Look, if I were to say to the Shrimp Man, "Well, we're going to fight, we're going to physically confront each other, right? Of course that would be nonsense, right? He is in a wheelchair, I am physically healthy, right? Of course it would be rudeness on my part, an insult and so on. It wasn't about that, it was about discussion, about talking, right? He's mentally fine, a lot of people say I'm not, I'm not going to be, so he's got an advantage at the moment. He's in a better position to run, but let's leave that aside, we're still normally talking. He writes about me, about the Confederation candidate, that I'm a fascist, I beat my children, I eat my dogs and the worst thing is that he's named himself, he's invented epithets... It was I who wrote exactly the same thing. Of course, he has been cried, I wrote exactly the same thing to him. Of course, he has been cried because it wasn't allowed because he was an invalid. What do I care if he is an invalid? I said again. I didn't come to fight with him, I came to discuss with him. He's on Twitter, he says he knows politics, he wants to be a politician, he wants to discuss politics? There you go, we're having a discussion and he's hiding behind his disability and the fact that he's in a wheelchair, I don't give a damn, I don't give a damn. He sat down at a table with people who are having a serious discussion, so let him sit down. "Shrimp Man, cheers!

Don't ask me why Mr Ross now calls this influencer The Prawn, because I have no idea. I don't know what the man's got in his head.


Sorry but I have to interject my three cents. I will refer to both videos at the same time: In my opinion, this is the most stupid and contradictory statement ever made, or rather an excuse? Man do you even read what you write? Do you listen carefully to what you record before you upload it to the internet? You show how you eat pizza, just out of curiosity I ask, who are you trying to impress? You should also play on your nose, do 2 push-ups and say "Look Wojtek, and I can do that, and you can't!". According to you, telling a disabled person that you want to fight and going after insult due to disability do is any difference? You say it was about equal discussion, at what point was it equal? At what point was it a conversation on the level of two mature men? Sorry but I seem to have missed it. With every step and explanation you take, you show that this invalid as you say (by the way, you realise that this is a pejorative term that really doesn't suit anyone and especially a person like you and yet in public. However, you use it on purpose in order to hit and humiliate the interlocutor even more) is more balanced than you are.


With your behaviour you have shown us that Wojtek has more class than you, I won't write like most that he is smarter, because I don't know. One thing's for sure, the guy has more class than you, and you're the one who's older and running for MP of the Polish Republic. By the way, where did he write that you are a fascist? You beat your children etc. He expressed an opinion about the party you de facto represent. He simply reminded people what values you stand for, and that you participate in this is nobody's fault. Certainly not his. It's clear that Wojtek has hit your really sensitive spot, can you tell us why? It's not too late, you can always unsubscribe or change something. Only you see, in order to change something, you have to empathise with people, all of them i.e. healthy, elderly, disabled etc. This is called empathy - I know a new word for you.

Type it into Google and read about what it is. Without it there is no leadership, because empathy is one of the qualities of a good leader.

Sorry, I seem to have missed it too .... Who is crying, as you say? It is you who is making a series of excuses for your behaviour and your hurt feelings, even turning it all into a joke, because you know that you have gone too far, that you have shown the face of a typical envious and unhappy person who has failed at something in life. He does not hide behind his disability (I know because I have been watching him for years, and you since when?), but you remind him and us of it at every turn, writing to him through the prism of his illness.

He sat at the table with people who discuss seriously? Excuse me? Is this some kind of joke? Is there a hidden camera? Seriously, I only saw comments that put you in a very unfavourable light.

Talking about the Tube-Man, dirty teeth and chewing pizza is serious talk? A conversation worthy of a future MP? Hello, we are waking up! I see the wine has arrived before the 'record' button has been pressed. Something has gone wrong with your person, and it's sad to see... It's sad that politics is doing such a bad PR job for our country.

The reaction of the people

As you can imagine, there were some who supported Ross, although in my opinion not many compared to those who were also disgusted by the parliamentary candidate's attitude.

We can say that Sebastian has, in a way, achieved his goal of arousing people's hatred and aggression towards people like us. We can read, for example:

@BaraBorzy Sep 8 Jak na ciebie patrzę to jestem za aborcją.
@BaraBorzy Sep 8
The way I look at you, I'm in favour of abortion.

Ross, however, got a lot more negative comments, those that were mocking and those that were quite serious. There are still people who can read with understanding, however.

@gudrunthrd Sep 10 Nie potrafi Pan powiedzieć słowa prawdy. Wojtek Sawicki ani nie nazwał Pna faszystą, ani nie przypisał tego Konfederacji. Ba, on w ogole nienapisał o Panu ani słowa, prawdopodobnie nigdy przed tym jak nazwał go Pan personalnie zoofilem. Zmyśl Pan rzekome obrazy i krzywdy.
@gudrunthrd Sep 10
You cannot say a word of truth. Wojtek Sawicki did not call you a fascist, nor did he attribute it to the Confederation; he never wrote a word about you, probably not even before you called him a zoophile. Make up your alleged insults and wrongs.

@kslominsky Sep 10 Nie byłoby problemu gdybyś chciał z nim dyskutować. Ty natomiast napisaeś na jego temat szereg oszczerstw, a próbowałeś wygrać tę "dyskusję" nazwaniem go krewetką i człowiekiem rurką. Powiedz mi gdzie była ta dyskusja? Twój poziom to głebokie gimnazjium gościu.
@kslominsky Sep 10
There would have been no problem if you had wanted to debate with him. You, on the other hand, wrote a series of slanders about him, and tried to win this "discussion" by calling him a shrimp and a tube man. Tell me where was the discussion? Your level is deep middle school dude.

@gromotapl Sep 9 Czyli to jednak nie marksizm kulturowy i poprawność polityczna usuneły wpis w którym obrażałeś go od zoofilmów i złodziei, tylko sam Seba, bo spełniał się pozwu i banana twitterze? Dziękuję za wyjaśnienie.
@gromotapl Sep 9

So it wasn't cultural Marxism and political correctness that removed the post in which you insulted him from zoophiles and thieves, but Sebastian himself, because he complied with a lawsuit and a Twitter ban? Thanks for the clarification.

Well, that's right, because the candidate admitted in his video above that he had deleted his offensive posts. Did it occur to him that this was out of character?

@ChaosLord616 Sep 8  Jakim wielkim ciulem i ścierwem moralnym jesteś debilu, że tak atakujesz niepełnosprawnego za to, że poqiedział prawdę o waszej brunatnej banzie? Czy jesteś świadom jak bardzo prymitywny masz światopogląd? Nazywasz niepełnosprawnego człowieka złodziejem? Jesteś chrześcijaninem?
@ChaosLord616 Sep 8
What kind of a big wanker and moral degenerate are you to attack a disabled person like this for telling the truth about your brown gang? Do you realise how primitive your world view is? Are you calling a disabled person a thief? Are you a Christian?
@MrSympatic Sep 8 Człowiek niskich lotów i słabej inteligencji, definiuje drugiego przezjego wygląd zewntrzny. Kolega czepia się Twoich poglądów, a ty głównie jego wyglądu. Taka różnica Ty mój dzbanuszku;)
@MrSympatic Sep 8
A man of low opinion and poor intelligence, defines another by his outward appearance. A colleague clings to your views, while you mainly cling to his appearance. Such a difference you my fool;)

These are the first better comments towards Ross, the ones we can count among the more cultured ones. I won't quote the others because I'm not at his level and I don't think that insulting or making fun of someone's shortcomings is necessary and adds nothing of value.

Some comments about his life in the UK also caught my attention:

Cysiolan d 15 days ago: Prędzej można wysłać to do Home Office albo do tej parlamentarzystki co kiedyś zalokowała wjazd paru konfederatom do UK MakaronAlma 15 days ago: Dobry plan. Pytanie jak to będzie wyglądało w przypadku Seby, który pewnie ma prawo stałego rezydenta. A jak ma w ogóle obywatelstwo brytyjskie, to mija się to z celem. Cysioland 15 days ago: Może i nie będą go mogli wywalić ale bedą go mogli za mowę nienawiści wobec osób z niepełnosprawnościami jebać.
Cysiolan 15 days ago:
You could send it to the Home Office or that MP who once blocked a couple of Confederates from entering the UK.
PastaAlma 15 days ago:
Good plan. The question is how it will work with Seba, who probably has settled status. And if he has British citizenship at all, it misses the point.
Cysioland 15 days ago:
They may not be able to sack him, but they will be able to fuck him for hate speech against people with disabilities.

If you don't know what this is all about read for example this English article.

Do you think it's worth it? There are so many bad people in the world, one less won't change anything. Yeah, maybe not, but I think it's worth trying, it's worth showing that you can't hurt another person just because they're worse off than you through no fault of their own. After all, it could be someone close to you or even you. To me that is just cruel and very hurtful. It's the year 2023. This shouldn't be happening!

Behind Wojtek, however, were people who, in a way, are also public in the media:

@AdamKoscielak Seb Ross, ten od proszenia o"gejowskie piwo" w sklepie, wielki patriota (mieszkający w Londynie) stwierdził, że naśmiewanie się z osób z niepełosprawnościami to świętna strategia na wybory. I nie, nie usuną go z listy, bo po zarejesrowaniu nie można jej zmieniać.

Adam Koscielak is also a parliamentary candidate.

Seb Ross, the one who asked for 'gay beer' in the shop, a great patriot (living in London), said that making fun of disabled people is a great election strategy.
And no, they will not remove him from the list, because once you are registered, you cannot change it.
@zyg_wis Sep 8 Poznajcie Typowego Sebę. Typowy Seba jest Dziarskim Konfederatą. Bardzo chciałby zostać posłem. Nie przepada za osobami niepełnosprawnymi i - jak każdy prawdziwy mężczyzna - jedzie z nim w sieci. Nie bądźcie jak Typowy Seba

Mikołaj Iwański is a doctor of law at the Department of Criminal Law at the Jagiellonian University.

@zyg_wis 8 Sep
Meet Typical Seba. Typical Seba is a wild Confederate. He would like to become an MP. He doesn't like people with disabilities and - like any real man - rides with them online. Don't be typical Seba.

Seba - short for Sebastian. In Poland it is used to refer to a person who does not work, has no ambition and is an alcoholic.

As soon as we have everything translated into English, I will add here how the case has been received by the public outside Poland.

At the very end, of course, you can end it all with a touch of humour. Blackly, I suppose, because laughing at people who have attempted suicide is as weak as my muscles, maybe even weaker.

@SebRoss4 Po dzisiejszej rozmowie internetowej z Krewetą (przystojniak z rurką w gardle), dopadła mnie trauma. Chłopak ma wszystko. Jasny umysł, cięty język, piękną narzeczoną. On osiągnie wszystko. Ja, z moim niskim IQ i trudnością wysławiania się, nigdy nie zajdę tak daleko. Za twarzą twardziela kryje się płochy motylek, pragnący akceptacji i współczucia. To ja jestem wyzywany i dyskryminowany na każdym kroku. Często mam myśli samobó….🥲. Zrozumcie, ja też pragnę współczucia….(zawsze mogę was zgłosić za dyskryminację)….🥲
After today's internet conversation with Prawn (the handsome man with the tube down his throat), I was traumatised. The boy has it all. A bright mind, a sharp tongue, a beautiful fiancée. He will achieve everything. I, with my low IQ and speech impediment, will never get that far. Behind the tough guy's face is a shy butterfly, longing for acceptance and sympathy. I am the one who is challenged and discriminated against at every turn. I often have thoughts of suicide...🥲.
Understand, I too want sympathy....(I can always report you for discrimination)....🥲.

Conclusion i.e. why did this also affect me?


I know that hardly anyone is interested in the opinion of some insignificant woman, but perhaps you would like to stay and read a little longer.

No one should call someone a thief and a slob. Especially someone as public as a parliamentary candidate. It is well known that disabled people work despite their illness and the suffering they have to endure every day. I don't know what the statistics say, maybe there are fewer of them than non-workers, but is that anyone's fault? Should Wojtek give up his benefit to please Ross? But why? Taxes go to those who need it, at least they should. Do you really begrudge this money to the disabled, who will spend it on necessities anyway?

I would like to dwell on these challenges and assumptions made by Mr Sebastian about Wojtek. Words like: "he's unhappy", "he can't do anything", "he takes revenge on others", etc. Dear Great and Powerful (he talks about himself like this) Mr Ross, in psychology we can observe something like the "mirror principle" - the traits or behaviours we see in another person are often what is stuck in our subconscious. If they are negative traits, they relate to a dark side of our personality, perhaps one that we have rejected in the past, for example through ridicule or disapproval from those around us. It's a clichéd theory, I know, but it's a wonder that an educated person in this day and age can still perceive disabled people in this way. Seriously, someone in a wheelchair must be vindictive and jealous? But what is he jealous of when he doesn't even know what it's like to be healthy? Who does he have to take revenge on/who does he blame? Does he have to be a loser in life? You can achieve a lot with no legs, just look at Stephen Hawking. Would he be insulted by you in the same way?

OK, so we've come to the conclusion that your life isn't as perfect as you'd like us to think, because you're telling a disabled person what hurts you the most and who you think you are. Or is that what they used to tell you?

Let's face it, you're an ordinary electrician working for a suspended company in Wales. From the frequency of your posts, it seems that you sit at your computer or phone all day like a typical unemployed hater. I'm going to ask you rudely, because I can, can't I? What do you do for a living? No, I'm not going to say you're on benefits because I'm not you and if I don't know something 100% I don't talk about it in public like you do. What I will say is that you are promoting a fine example of patriaarchy. A husband and father sitting on the internet all day long insulting the weak. Well, you know you've messed up, you're backed up by replies from people who have achieved something in life, have some values, can think objectively and, for example, have a bigger vocabulary than the mighty Ross. I've also seen the flattering comments, but they were all without any real argument, along the lines of "you've done him a good turn, he'll hide behind his disability". Well, I don't know what kind of friends you have there. It's hard, this stench will follow you forever. In Poland and abroad. I will take care of the latter myself. You are a great answer to my foreign friends who ask me why I feel better abroad than in Poland.

Let me say once again that I am not in favour of making disabled people untouchable. Absolutely not. As a disabled woman I have never wanted to be treated differently. I always wanted to be treated as an equal, so I'm all for it. You really could have played it differently to everyone and shown that you do not discriminate against anyone. All you had to do was go to Wojtek's social media, look, read, find out what he supports or doesn't support and just "go" after him. However, you contradict yourself by saying/writing that you don't want to treat him well, by pointing out all the faults he has and not only that, by making fun of him. Your arguments are all based on his disability and appearance.

People write that you can't count, that you're stupid or that your teeth are crooked. Do you think I chose these comments to post here? No, because what's the point? Who cares about someone's looks when we're having a conversation, let alone an important one? Besides, who cares about looks when we are having a conversation anyway? It's really ridiculous and terribly superficial.


Another thought occurred to me. I'm telling you, it's scary to go back to the countryside now, because you've honoured another social group. Now it will be the disabled who will be afraid to leave their homes, along with the LGBT community, I wonder who else you will add to that? The metalheads?

Until now, any loser could get angry at people with a disability in their head, or maybe complain about them to their colleagues who, like them, have not achieved anything despite being healthy. Looking at your posts and comments, I can see that there are more such complacent and lazy people than I thought. There's nothing to blame and I'll put the blame on those who rob me of my taxes - the disabled thieves, that's the disabled community you called thieves. Now, when you, a public figure, considered by some people to be somebody important, set such an example, give permission to spread hate speech and this against vulnerable and innocent people, do you realise how this can end? If one of these already damaged people can't take it anymore and hurts themselves or, God forbid, is attacked (because, as I wrote, you allowed the abuse of disabled people), then it will be your fault and I hope you will answer for it. If not in this life, then in another.

I also do not want you to publicly identify yourself with the Christian faith and God and/or Jesus. I don't want people to associate Christianity with your cruel actions because it really reflects badly on us sincere believers.

Just out of curiosity, please tell us who God is to you, how do you perceive faith? I would love to see such a video from you. Do you remember that He is just and sees and hears everything? Even the worst thought in your head, and He doesn't give a damn if you're powerful Ross or not. For him you are just as human as Wojtek.

You don't seem to have any children or plan to have any? Wouldn't you be so careless as to say all that? Surely not, because if you really believed, and not under the public eye, you would be afraid to even think about what you have done, about how much hatred you have poured out on a stranger, an innocent person. So why lie to the voters? Don't get me wrong, I don't wish divine punishment on you, let alone something innocent on your loved ones. I just want to remind you and make you aware that Wojtek's parents are healthy, and so are mine. Disease does not choose you, and appreciate the fact that you are healthy and happy, not bitter like an unfulfilled person who has not succeeded in life. Appreciate that you can do a lot of good by being here and now. It will make you feel better immediately, because I bet you are overwhelmed right now by the negative energy of all the people. I don't envy you.


Sorry... I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Joanna and I've been disabled since birth. Surprisingly, this has never stopped me from being happy? I've never had to face rejection (not counting the unhappy relationships I had as a teenager, but that's probably what most even healthy girls go through at that age), which has given me a sense of normality. I think it was through this that I met my (then) fiancé, who I came to England to see. I remember his friends immediately inundating me with knowledge about the advantages of living here, telling me that I should be a millionaire, but we know very well that it's not what most people think. Those 10 years ago I was much more ambitious and it was completely out of character for me to make myself look weak.

I started my business because I couldn't sit still for long (heh, so figuratively speaking). I worked in a Polish beauty parlour, then in a salon and at home in the evenings. I met my first clients at an English course, because it would have been a shame not to be able to speak English. To my surprise, I soon fell behind in my work. I was overjoyed that I could work like my partner and help pay for a carer, because I didn't get any help from the state straight away. After about two months, I gave up my job at the salon because it was very difficult to combine commuting with my boyfriend's job. The stress we were going through was not worth the money. I moved the business into my own home because I had so many regular customers that I didn't see the point of paying someone for a chair. It was a brilliant idea. I made a lot of money. I worked for 7 years, often 7 days a week and often 12 hours a day, usually before holidays and before Christmas.

Unfortunately, after about 2-3 years a small problem arose, I noticed that I seemed to get tired faster. My legs and spine began to hurt terribly, I had no strength. Like Wojtek, I also suffer from muscular atrophy, but fortunately I still only use the respirator (CPAP) at night. In my case, rest only brought relief for a while, because my muscles simply atrophy when they get tired. Stress, as you know, also has a bad effect on them - the nervous system.


I am so angry at myself for contributing to the acceleration of my disability. Even though people kept telling me that I should be on benefits with such a disability, I didn't want to hear it. I was always ambitious and gave 100%, but there came a point when I couldn't stand on my own two feet, and that's because all those years of working without any help, I didn't have the hoist to take the weight off my legs. In fact, I've been standing on my own feet for as long as I can remember, until I was about 29. That's how I grew up, that's how I finished school and that's how I worked. After all that hard work, there was a time when I would lie down for days and watch stupid soap operas just to stop myself thinking about how my life was going to end. Then along came a mobile hoist I got from the NHS and that's how I got my stupid self back to work. Unfortunately, it didn't last long because while my legs were resting, the massive back pain started again. I didn't go back to work after the first lockdown.

Once again, I wasted no time in enrolling on the psychology course of my dreams and have been studying ever since. Yes, I take benefits, but I am not ashamed of it. I know it is only temporary because I want to work in my profession after I graduate. I'm not a healthy person who doesn't want to work, or I had a bunch of kids and set myself up for the next 18 years. Believe me, if it wasn't for the daily pain, I'd be happy to go back to what I was doing and juggle it all with my university.


Why am I writing all this? Because I am no exception among people with disabilities. So that you can at least imagine the situation of these people, but I doubt that with such an attitude you can imagine what it's like to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, standing and feeling pain, and let's not forget that during that day I also had to do other activities (shower, eat, etc.). Do you know how many disabled people there are with a similar story? Do you know how many disabled people who work in an office, for example, do not use the toilet for those 8 hours? Because if they didn't earn an income, they would just be struggling to survive, looking at the handouts from the government. None of them have a chance of becoming independent unless they find a non-disabled partner.

Do you think before you write? Wojtek isn't paralysed, he's probably in pain too, and besides, man, he writes with his eyes. And what right do you have to tell him what to do, how to work. By the way, did you get to know him before you wrote all this? What he does, what interests him. Do you know how long it takes to learn a language so that you can translate it professionally? And for what? He may not have enough to live on, so let him live as he wishes. Should he give up state support just to silence those who are jealous of a few hundred zlotys? Why should he, because the cliché will continue to circulate that the disabled are thieves and that they only take money from the state without contributing to it. Should I also give up the local support that enables me to live a normal, happy life? Why should I, when people (such as you) will still say that Poles, and especially disabled people, come here for benefits?

Anyway, I really can't believe that you, a traveller who has lived in Britain for several years, are talking about us thieves. Here you meet disabled people working on every corner. Have you been living under a rock?

Oh gosh, I've written another ramble and hardly anyone will read it anyway. But if someone does read it, please give me a "pineapple pizza" in the comments of the post ;)

Ps. Why did you call Wojtek a zoophile? Somehow I haven't read the explanation for this nickname anywhere.

I have tried my best to ensure that this text has no political slant and is 100% objective.  When it comes to politics and the parties we will be voting for in the near future, I am completely neutral. And why is that? Because in each of them there is something sensible that you would like to implement immediately, but unfortunately there are also things that you would like to ... You know, they are unacceptable. The way this man behaved speaks volumes about him. I would have raised this issue even if he was not a politician. Finally, I declare that I do not support any political party after my internet research. Like every year, we vote for the least evil.  I just hope you learn something here that you may not have known about the Confederation Party. Feel free to comment here and under the Youtube videos.


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